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Model[OUTLET] 2X2 PENTAGON 9 Piece Set

*The 9 piece set will contain 9 pieces, one of each color.

*This page is for outlet products.
*This product cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase.

Please read the following instructions before purchasing.

These are B grade products that have some kind of stains or scratches.
CADERO Grip sells B grade items that are in particularly good condition and are judged to have no problems in use as outlet items at a low price.
Please consider this if you are interested in lower priced products.

There are various defects other than those shown as samples.
The degree of defects varies from product to product, so when purchasing multiple grips, please be aware that the degree of defects may vary from grip to grip.

<Supplement to the sample photo>
*Injection error: Groove created in the process of pouring material when generating the second layer of grips.

Protect design from dirt by crimping special sticker with clear and color material. Grip which increased feeling of hold by the moist feeling of elastomer and shape of pentagon groove.

Model 2×2 PENTAGON 9 Piece Set
Size UTRD M-sizeUTRD M-size
Caliber / weight Air type 60/50g±2g
UTRD (Round) 60/48g±2g
UTBR (Ribbed) 60/48g±2g
※Air:Round only, attach with an air compressor
※UTRD:Round grip, attach with tape and solvent
※UTBR:Ribbed grip, attach with tape and solvent
(The star is the landmark)
Price 11,880 JPY (Tax included)
Material SEBS(Hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer)
Country of origin TAIWAN
Grip on Ribbed and Round Air:ROUND
※Grip Specifications


At the first time, I thought it is just a grip, but a friend of mine recommended me to change it to Cadero grip, the hit ball became stable.

I understand the importance of grip!

Men in their 20s

Not only the design but also the function is really wonderful!

Durability is also perfect.

Men in their 40s