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Next generation grip with two features.

Double sided pentagon surface to prevent slipping.
Crimping clear elastomer and colored elastomer protects the design from dirt and other contaminants.

Model 2X2 PENTAGON Duo
Size UTRD S-sizeUTRD M-sizeUTRD L-size
UTBR S-sizeUTBR M-sizeUTBR L-size
Caliber / weight Air type S60/44g±2g M60/50g±2g L60/62g±2g
UTRD (Round) UTBR (Ribbed) S60/42g±2g M60/48g±2g L60/60g±2g
※Air:Round only, attach with an air compressor
※UTRD:Round grip, attach with tape and solvent
※UTBR:Ribbed grip, attach with tape and solvent (The star is the landmark)
Price 2,640JPY (Tax included)
Material SEBS (Hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer)
Country of origin TAIWAN
Grip on Ribbed and Round Air:ROUND
※Grip Specifications


At the first time, I thought it is just a grip, but a friend of mine recommended me to change it to Cadero grip, the hit ball became stable.

I understand the importance of grip!

Men in their 20s

Not only the design but also the function is really wonderful!

Durability is also perfect.

Men in their 40s

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